Lisheyna Hurvitz

Lisheyna HurvitzAs a licensed psychotherapist, Lisheyna has created a Lifestyle format that is extremely effective in helping people grow and change. As a Lifestyle Consultant, she utilizes a unique blend of emotional, psychological and spiritual approaches which enable her to produce practical results.

In her consultations and groups, she helps people address personal and societal pressures, including the pressure to be perfect. As a gifted empath, she is able to empathize with her client’s feelings, quickly getting to the heart of the matter, thereby producing rapid results.

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No problem is too insignificant to be dealt with; there is room for improvement in everyone. Lisheyna’s heart-centered lifestyle approach helps her clients discover the underlying causes of their problems. Her expedient and highly accurate guidance includes dealing with the problems in practical ways to produce lives that are enriched and effective.

Almost everyone, at one point during his or her lifetime, experiences problems in one of the following areas:

Self Image
Coping with Stress
Job Dissatisfaction
Personal Crisis
Divorce Problems
Single Parent Problems

Because Lisheyna works on many levels simultaneously, people experience major shifts or transformations. People attribute increased aliveness and less stress to the changes achieved in their sessions.

Consultations take place both in person and by phone. In person consultations are in Boca Raton, Florida. Many busy traveling professionals utilize telephone consultations.

Once the basic coaching is complete, you leave feeling centered and empowered with the tools necessary to continue creating a more fulfilling life. Each individual’s time frame is different. Periodically, more advanced sessions may subsequently be appropriate.
To schedule a consultation call: 561-391-1498.