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In 2002 she took the National Parent Coordinators training. Lisheyna was involved in the creation of the original EST center in Philadelphia and was responsible for bringing the Landmark Forum to Sarasota, Florida. She founded the children’s charity Successful Singles of Sarasota Making a Difference.

Lisheyna has appeared on television and hosted a call-in radio show. As the co-chair of the Marriage, Family and Divorce Network for The Advocate, an international counseling journal, she wrote and published many articles on divorce.

She was married for 15 years to an Ophthalmologist specializing in glaucoma with whom she had two children. She got divorced when the children were very young. Lisheyna became the primary residential parent, which means that her children, David and Rachael lived with her full time. She raised them in a home filled with love and openness. The three of them bonded as one unit, creating a safe space for all of them. This was a family relationship created in unconditional love.

Both of her children are now attorneys, yet continue their frequent contact with Lisheyna. Out of this loving bond with her children, Lisheyna pioneered many progressive child raising methods. She used what worked so well in her relationships with David and with Rachael as a model for these techniques. She teaches these methods, amongst others, in her groups and individual coaching sessions. Lisheyna currently practices in Boca Raton, Florida.